Z-Lab News!

April 24th, 2018
Zielinski Lab welcomes Lukas Weiss from the University of Giessen

Making the journey from Frankfurt, Germany, the Zielinski lab is very excited to be hosting Lukas Weiss, of Dr. Ivan Manzini's lab. Lukas is a PhD student looking into questions revolving around olfactory network formation and function and is here at the University of Windsor to study the Sea Lamprey's olfactory system in the hopes of providing further context for his work.

April 26, 2018
Ahsan, Gillian, Kristyn, and Yucca present at the 2018 Undergraduate Biology Thesis Colloquium

Undergraduate thesis students Ahsan, Gillian, Kristyn, and Yucca presented their respective thesis work at this year's edition of the Biology Undergraduate Thesis Colloquium. Competing in the Physiology and Neurobiology division of the thesis contest, all four of our amazing thesis students put forth amazing presentations, showing off the impressive work accomplished over the course of their final year in the lab. In the end, Yucca ended up snatching first place for the Physiology and Neurobiology talks! Congratulations to her, to Ahsan, Gillian, and Kristyn, and to all the other undergraduates for work very well done!

March 24, 2018
Ahsan, Gillian, and Yucca dropping lamprey knowledge at Ontario Biology Day

Undergraduate thesis students Ahsan, Gillian, and Yucca traveled up to Waterloo with a contingent of fellow undergrads to present their thesis work at Ontario Biology Day. Our three lab mates represented the Zielinski lab in exemplary fashion and had a great time doing so. Congratulations to each of them and to all the other undergraduates

March 14, 2018
Zielinski Lab supports Biology department's Boozy Brains outreach initiative

The Zielinski lab participated in the first edition of Boozy Brains, a public outreach event spearheaded by the University of Windsor's Biology department. Coinciding with Brain Awareness Week, this event was part of the Faculty of Science “Science on Tap” series, where one of the goals is to bring great science and scientists from UWindsor out to the public in a casual setting. Dr. Zielinski, Gianfranco, Ahsan, and Gillian presented work from the lab and had a great time doing so! Looking forward to next year!